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Financing Natura 2000

15 -16 July 2010, Brussels



Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings [pdf, English, 2.1 MB]

Stakeholder Conference "Financing Natura 2000", 15 - 16 July 2010, Brussels


Background Paper

Background Paper [pdf, English, 699 KB]

"Financing Natura 2000 - Financing needs and socio-economic benefits resulting from investment in the network"



Investing in Europe’s Green Infrastructure – Natura 2000
Ladislav Miko, Director B Nature
[pdf, 237 KB]

Day 1:

Plenary Session:
The financial resources required to implement the N2K network

Matt Rayment (GHK)
[pdf, 185 KB]

Panel discussion:
What is the difference between current expenditure, actual costs and costs needed to have a complete network with a favourable conservation status?
Dalia Cebatariunaite (Ministry of Environment, Lithuania)
[pdf, 555 KB]

Plenary Session:
The benefits of investing in Natura 2000

Socio-Economic benefits associated with Natura 2000
Patrick ten Brink (IEEP)
[pdf, 778 KB]

Cases studies exploring the benefits of Natura 2000; where costs are offset by benefits; who enjoys the benefits and who pays the costs

Socio-economics of farming for conservation in the Burren (Ireland)
Brendan Dunford (HNV Services)
[pdf, 2.2 MB]

The lower Danube basin and its floodplain functions (Romania)
Orieta Hulea (WWF-DCP)
[pdf, 1.5 MB]

An economic and institutional evaluation of the Natura 2000 programme in France
Anne Dujin (CREDOC)

(pdf, 209 KB]


Plenary Session:
Financing Natura 2000 – Current Opportunities

Introducing EU funding instruments:
The EU framework for funding Natura 2000 – An insight from different EC services

Financing under the CAP

Krzysztof Sulima (DG Agri)

[pdf, 176 KB]

Financing under Regional Policy

Agnes Kelemen (DG Regio)

[pdf, 536 KB]

Financing under the CFP

Leticia Martinez Aquilar (DG Mare)

[pdf, 302 KB]

Financing under Life +

Joachim Capitao (DG Env - Life unit)

[pdf, 1.3 MB]

Day 2:

Plenary Session:
Financing Natura 2000 – Addressing the investment needs of the network

Innovative and alternative financing mechanisms
What innovative solutions for financing Natura 2000?
Marianne Kettunen (IEEP)

[pdf, 474 KB]

Fiscal transfers to compensate Natura 2000 opportunity costs in Portugal
Pedro Clemente (CENSE)

[pdf, 1 MB]

Supporting Business for Biodiversity – Public-private partnerships for financing Natura 2000 in Poland, Hungary and
Mark Day (RSBP) and Zenon Tederko (BirdLife Poland)

[pdf, 2.1 MB]






 This conference is organised by DG Environment with support of IEEP (Institute for European Environmental Policy), Ecologic Institute and GHK.


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