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Financing Natura 2000

15 -16 July 2010, Brussels


About the event

This conference hosted by the European Commission represents a key milestone in the path towards a new Financing Natura 2000 Communication. The conference will provide a forum for an official presentation of the outcomes of the recent Economic and Social Benefits of Natura 2000 exercise. It will also offer an opportunity to assess the current approach of financing Natura 2000, with respect to the European financing instruments. It will enable the Commission to identify future challenges and to develop new responses.

Specifically the conference aims to:

  • demonstrate the importance of investment in the network with respect to the benefits;
  • develop a range of recommendations for financing the Natura 2000 network; and
  • explain the current level and destination of expenditure on Natura 2000.

The two-day conference will offer a stimulating mix of plenary and working sessions with many opportunities for gathering insights and exchanging experiences on the issues related to costs and benefits arising from Natura 2000 and financing Natura 2000.

The conference will bring together more than 100 policy-makers, European Commission officials, NGOs and stakeholder groups from all across Europe to participate.






 This conference is organised by DG Environment with support of IEEP (Institute for European Environmental Policy), Ecologic Institute and GHK.


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