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2nd Workshop on Water Management, Water Framework Directive and Hydropower

13-14 September 2011, Brussels





Session I:

Welcome and Policy Setting

Chair: Fritz Holzwarth (DE)

  Helmfried Meinel, Director in the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector of Baden-Wuerttemberg
  Fritz Holzwarth, German Water Director

Peter Gammeltoft, DG ENV

Hydropower and Water Environment [pdf, 422 KB]


Oyvind Vessia, DG ENER

The role of hydropower in the frame of the Renewable Energies Policy [pdf, 504 KB]


Ursula Schmedtje, DG ENV

Environmental impacts and influence of environmental legislation, specifically the WFD, on hydropower generation [pdf, 647 KB]


Eleftheria Kampa, Ecologic Institute

Summary of European States questionnaires [pdf, 430 KB]

How to balance the Water Framework Directive (WFD) & Renewable Energy Directive (RES) from a stakeholder point of view?


Stakeholder view [pdf, 2.02 MB]


Marko Gospodjinacki, ESHA

Stakeholder view [pdf, 2.97 MB]


Irene Lucius, WWF

Environmental NGO view [733 KB]


Session II and Session III:

Working groups

Group 1
Chair: Karl Schwaiger, AT and Ulrich Irmer, DE
Rapporteur: Gisela Ofenböck, AT
Minute writer: Eleftheria Kampa, Ecologic Institute
  Environmental improvement on hydropower schemes
  AT, Gisela Ofenböck, “Requirements for river continuity and ecological minimum flow in Austria” [pdf, 201 KB]
  WWF, Georg Rast, “Examples of methodologies on minimum ecological flows and improving connectivity also non EU examples”
  SE, Johan Kling, “The situation for hydropower and designation of HMWB in the Nordic countries” [pdf, 171 KB]
  NO, Tor Simon Pedersen, “Norwegian licensing system” [pdf, 413 KB]
  EU Ch2oice project, Andrea Goltara, “Ch2oice: Voluntary certification of hydropower production” [pdf, 425 KB]
  ESHA, Martina Prechtl, “Experiences with the implementation of WFD: main problems and challenges, resulting needs and good practice example from Austria” [pdf, 494 KB]
  EURELECTRIC, Niklas Dahlbäck [pdf, 295 KB]
  Strategic planning mechanisms
  IT, Pietro Colonna, “Strategic Planning Tools: the Valtellina case.” [pdf, 1.14 MB]
  AT, Karl Schwaiger, “Alpine Convention: Common Guideline on the use of SHP” [pdf, 519 KB]
  ES, Ricardo Segura, “Increase in the number of pumped storage stations in Spain” [pdf, 1.11 MB]
  PT, Ana Seixas, “Strategic Planning Tools: Portuguese National Programme for Dams with High Hydropower Potential (PNBEPH)” [pdf, 1.78 MB]
  IS, Jóhanna Björ Weisshappel, "Pre-planning in Iceland" [pdf, 847 KB]
Group 2
Chair: Jo H. Halleraker, NO and Ursula Schmedtje, EC
Rapporteur: Volker Mohaupt, DE
Minute writer: Darla Nickel, Ecologic Institute
  Environmental improvement on hydropower schemes
  FR, Claire-Cécile Garnier, “Biological minimum flow in France” [pdf, 777 KB]
  DE, Klaus Arzet, “Approaches to combine the use of hydropower and ecological aspects in Bavaria” [pdf, 734 KB]
  NL, Wim Hendrix, “Innovations of fish migration systems for existing hydropower stations and innovations of techniques for hydroelectricity production” [pdf, 389 KB]
  EURELECTRIC, Jukka Muotka, “Combination of several mitigation measures for fish on the catchment level” [pdf, 181 KB]
  UK, Peter Pollard, “Heavily modified designation and the definition of GEP – a UK case study” [pdf, 391 KB]
  CH, Rémy Estoppey, “The legal, technical and financial solution of Switzerland to achieve “GES” [pdf, 83 KB]
  Strategic planning mechanisms
  WWF, Christoph Walder, “Examples of strategic planning tools, WWF had some involvement with (e.g Tyrol catalogue) but also some non-EU examples (e.g Amazon in Brazil)” [pdf, 495 KB]
  ESHA, Anne Pénalba, « Experience from France with river classification into “go – no go areas” – why it does not work? New French guidelines for project evaluation on how to combine hydropower and WB status. [pdf, 7.66 MB]
  NO, Jo H Halleraker, “The Norwegian HP-planning system” [pdf, 655 KB]
  FR, Claire-Cécile Garnier, “Governance and voluntary agreements”
  Block C. Application of WFD Article 4.7 - Balancing hydropower scheme development and the protection of the water environment
  UK, Peter Pollard, “Practical experience of deciding if deterioration of status is acceptable – a UK case study” [pdf, 462 KB]

Group 3

Chair: Michael Wann, UK and Inger Staubo, NO
Rapporteur: Anja Skiple Ibrekk, NO
Minute writer: Birgit Vogel, Fresh Thoughts

  Environmental improvement on hydropower schemes
  NO, Inger Staubo, “Minimum flow requirements and practice in Norway” [pdf, 328 KB]
  DE, Joachim Bley, “Water ecology strategy Kinzig with Kinzig weir Gengenbach (incl. EU-Life- funded fish ladder and measures for sediment transport improvement)” [pdf, 866 KB]
  NO, Anja Skiple Ibrekk, “Improving ecological status in old hydro power schemes in Norway” [pdf, 287 KB]
  EEB, Gerhard Nagl, ”Designation of HMWB and GEP” [pdf, 774 KB]
  AT, Veronika Koller-Kreimel, “Measures identified to have a significant adverse effect on hydropower use in the frame of HMWB designation” [255 KB]
  UK, Michael Wann, “Delivering environmental improvements at existing hydropower schemes – a UK case study” [pdf, 174 KB]
  Strategic planning mechanisms
  EURELECTRIC, Ghislain Weisrock, “France No-go areas – hydro potential” [pdf, 572 KB]
  EEB, Gerhard Nagl, “River Dynamics and Ecological Capacity” [pdf, 418 KB]
  IS, Kristinn Einarsson, “Icelandic Master Plan for Protection and Development of Hydropower and Geothermal Resources” [pdf, 463 KB]
  IT, Martina Bussettini, “The role of sediment supply processes in river management legislation.” [pdf, 120 KB]
  Block C. Application of WFD Article 4.7 - Balancing hydropower scheme development and the protection of the water environment
  AT, Veronika Koller-Kreimel, „Austrian Criteria catalogue” [pdf, 323 KB]
  EEB, Cornelia Maier, “Interpretation of Article 4.7” [pdf, 947 KB]

Session IV:

Reports from working groups

Chair: Fritz Holzwarth (DE)

  Working group 1 [pdf, 607 KB]
  Working group 2 [pdf, 505 KB]
  Working group 3 [pdf, 607 KB]

Session V:

Summary on best practices and recommendations

Chair: Fritz Holzwarth (DE)

  Draft conclusions and recommendations
Veronika Koller-Kreimel, Peter Pollard and Tor Simon Pedersen [pdf, 63 KB]




Scottish Executive

Workshop organised by the Ecologic Institute on behalf of Germany, the UK and DG Environment, European Commission.

Hosted by the State of Baden Württemberg.


Co-organised by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), the Scottish Executive (SE), the UK Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), and DG Environment, European Commission.




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