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Water Framework Directive
and Hydromorphology

17-19 October 2005, Prague

About this event

Workshop summary report [pdf, 244 KB, English]

At their last meeting in Luxembourg, Water Directors agreed to initiate a new CIS activity on WFD and hydromorphology, reflecting the importance - as highlighted in the Article 5 reports - of hydromorphological pressures on the aquatic environment. Water Directors also recognised the need to integrate the relevant policy sectors and economic activities, such as energy (hydropower) and transport (navigation and ports).

The Workshop on WFD and Hydromorphology, organized by the UK, Germany and the European Commission and hosted by the Czech Ministry of Environment in Prague, will provide a forum to discuss and agree recommendations for a draft mandate for this new activity. These recommendations will be forwarded to the SCG for further discussion with the aim of submitting a draft mandate to Water Directors for endorsement in November.

The emphasis of the first day of the workshop will be on the more strategic and policy integration issues, with discussions aiming to clarify how these should be taken forward in the draft mandate. The second day of the workshop will provide an opportunity for technical discussions focused on three main themes:

  • criteria for risk assessment of hydromorphological pressures;
  • criteria for the designation of HMWBs, and mitigation measures.

Illustrated by case studies, these sessions will facilitate an exchange of information about what was done in the initial characterisation work and what Member States are planning to do in future rounds. These discussions should help to identify those issues that could be more appropriately or usefully coordinated at European level, forming the basis of a CIS work package over the next few years.

The third day of the workshop will draw on the reports of the previous day’s sessions to reach conclusions and focus discussion on the technical aspects of the draft mandate, with the aim of making firm recommendations to submit to the SCG.
About 75 to 100 participants are expected for the event including nominated representatives from the Member States, relevant European-level organisations and stakeholder groups.


Workshop organised by Ecologic on behalf of:


The UK Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). Under the auspices of the UK presidency of the EU.

Hosted by the Ministry for the Environment of the Czech Republic. Co-organised by the Environment Agency of England and Wales, the German Federal Environment Agency and the European Commission who are leading the preparation of a mandate on the Water Framework Directive and hydromorphology.


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