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The EC's external competences in the field of marine environmental protection

3 April 2003, Berlin

The EC’s participation in mixed international agreements alongside its Member States raises questions of competences for the negotiation, conclusion and implementation of such international instruments. In particular in the field of marine environment substantial progress is hindered by an opaque division of competences between the EC and its Member States and lack of coordination. Accordingly, the German Federal Environmental Agency commissioned Ecologic with the task of analysing the division of external competences between the EC and its Member States taking into account the OSPAR Convention.

The German Federal Environmental Agency together with Ecologic, presents the preliminary report and discusses its results in this expert meeting. It aims at bringing together both, experts negotiating and implementing obligations of the OSPAR Convention as well as legal experts in this field. Participants are, in addition to Ecologic staff and its partner Prof. Dr. Epiney from University Freiburg/Switzerland, representatives from the Legal Service of the European Commission, from the German Federal Environmental Agency, the German Federal Environmental Ministry, the German Council of Environmental Advisors as well as from the OSPAR-Secretariat.

The discussion focuses on the problem of parallel participation of the EC and its member states in mixed agreements using the example of the OSPAR-Convention. In particular, the legal consequences of this parallelism for negotiation and implementation are discussed. In addition, possible solutions for an effective coordination between the EC and its Member States are explored. Finally, special attention is devoted to the issue of the Member States’ rights to take measures at the national level.

Programme, participants list and background information of this event are available in German.


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