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Effort sharing under the Climate Package - assessing the role of the Clean Development Mechanism

3 June 2008, Brussels


All speaker presentations are available here for download in PDF format. Briefing papers prepared by all panelists are also available.

Workshop speakers

Dr Jürgen Salay, DG Environment, European Commission:
"The Climate Package and the use of CDM" [pdf, 1.3MB]

Briefing paper European Commission [pdf, 0.9MB]

Mr Lambert Schneider, Oeko Institute:
"Concerns about quality: project types, additionality and credibility" [pdf, 1.1MB]

Briefing paper Schneider [pdf, 0.3MB]

Dr Niklas Höhne, Ecofys:
"Internal vs. external effort - the impact of using CDM" [pdf, 6MB]

Briefing paper Höhne [pdf, 0.1MB]

Dr Joyeeta Gupta, Institute for Environmental Studies, VU Amsterdam:
"Post-2012: CDM's role in the climate negotiations" [pdf, 21MB]

Briefing paper Gupta [pdf, 18KB]


Stakeholder Panelists

Dr Christoph Sutter, South Pole Carbon Asset Management:

Briefing paper Sutter [pdf, 0.1MB]

Ms Mahi Sideridou, Greenpeace:

Briefing paper Sideridou [pdf, 0.1MB]




This workshop is organised by Ecologic for the European Parliament.

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