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Applying EU Environmental Legislation in the Field of Marine Protection

19 - 20 May 2003, Zakynthos – Greece

In 1999, the National Marine Park of Zakynthos was established as the first marine national park administration in Greece. The island of Zakynthos is a nesting beach of the highly endangered loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta). One objective of the park is to fulfil the obligations regarding a judgement issued by the European Court of Justice against Greece. Therefore, requisite measures regarding the strict protection of the loggerhead turtle on Zakynthos have been established and implemented.

Against this background the international conference aims at examining procedures of non-compliance with nature conservation legislation of the European Union focusing on the court case of Zakynthos. The measures taken in response to the legal procedure, the effectiveness of these measures as well as the existence of any remaining gaps in the legislation are explored. Taking place during the Greek EU Presidency, the conference offers a forum to discuss possible actions to achieve compliance with European legislation and the overall aim of sustainable marine protection. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to share best practises and to exchange experiences and know-how concerning the sustainable management of marine protected areas and financial instruments for nature conservation. The results of this event are directly applicable to the development of the national park administration and to an appropriate conservation strategy on Zakynthos.

The conference brings together an interdisciplinary selection of 40 personally invited representatives of the European Commission, political and administrative bodies, national park authorities, scientists and NGOs. The conference languages are English and Greek.

An Ecologic Brief has been published as an outcome of this conference:

Applying EU Environmental Legislation - Learning from the European Court Cases and the Example of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos (pdf, 645 KB, English)

A summary of the conference results can be downloaded here:

Summary Zakynthos Conference (pdf, 74 KB- English)

Download here an address of the Greek Foreign Minister Giorgos A. Papandreou to the Zakynthos Conference:

Address Foreign Minister (pdf, 27 KB - English)


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Conference on behalf of: The Bellagio Forum

In co-operation with: National Marine Park of Zakynthos

Supported by: European Commission and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

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