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"Moving forward from Cancún"

Conference on the Global Governance of Trade, Environment and Sustainable Development

30-31 October 2003, Berlin

The second annual CAT+E conference will will take place on 1-2 November 2004 in Amsterdam and will focus on trade and environment from a North-South perspective.

Summary first CAT+E conference

The conference "Moving forward from Cancún" assesses the current trade and environment nexus at the interface of policy and research. It is the first major conference to follow the WTO Ministerial Conference at Cancún and will be an important opportunity to take stock in light of the crucial negotiations to be concluded in 2005 and beyond.

          Foto: Peter Schmid, internAA

The agenda of the Ministerial Conference in Cancún covers a wide range of issues. Given the interlinkages between topics in the WTO, both conceptually and in terms of negotiation dynamics, the Cancún outcomes can be expected to impact on a broad range of other policy areas, inter alia labour, development, and consumer policy. Therefore, the final choice of the Berlin conference topics depends on the process of the ongoing WTO negotiations. The following issues are considered:

  • General Agreement on Trade in Services
  • Investment Liberalisation
  • Agriculture Liberalisation
  • Multilateral Environmental Agreements and WTO Rules
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Instruments for Consumer Policy
  • Human Rights

The purpose of this conference is to evaluate recent developments in the trade negotiations as well as the current state of research, including research approaches and methodologies, to ensure appropriate linkages between research and policy making. The conference brings together approximately 100 national, European and international policy-makers, researchers, and representatives from various NGOs.


This conference is part of the international research project CAT+E, funded by the 5th Framework Programme of the European Commission - DG Research.

In co-operation with the Task Force Global Issues of the German Federal Foreign Office.

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